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6th International Survey of
Best Known Linedances - 2005

Since 2002 Louise Vincent has run an annual survey to find what are the best known dances in the linedancing communityare known by most linedancers. The survey was simple - those participating were sent a list of dances, from which they picked those dances they either knew or once knew. The results were then compiled to give this year's "Best Known" list. Voting went for two months and there were no restriction on who could vote - as long as they knew at least one linedance! The survey was operated under the ageis of the "The Oaklands Academy of Line Dance", based in England, but those surveyed were from all over the world.

The summary results for previous years can be found at:

The full survey results can be found at:

93%     TUSH PUSH Jim Ferrazzano
92%     CRUISIN'&  Neil Hale
88%     DIZZY Jo Thompson
88%     WAVE ON WAVE Alan Birchall
87%     CHILL FACTOR Whittaker & Westhead
87%     COME DANCE WITH ME Jo Thompson
84%     WATERMELON CRAWL Sue Lipscombe
82%     CAUGHT IN THE ACT Ann Wood
82%     J'AI DU BOOGIE Max Perry
81%     BEER FOR MY HORSES Christine Bass
81%     WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS Nielsons (Original Casey & Tubb)
80%     RED HOT SALSA Christina Browne
79%     JOSE CUERVO Max Perry
78%     CHEEK TO CHEEK Rob Fowler
77%     ENCHANTMENT Jo Thompson
76%     D.H.S.S. - aka Delicious Hot Strong and Sweet Gaye Teather
76%     SWAMP THANG Max Perry
76%     TRUST ME! Geri Morrison
75%     DO WOP BE DOO BE DOO Gaye Teather
75%     PICNIC POLKA David Padden
73%     AFTER MIDNIGHT Judy McDonald
72%     COASTIN' Ray & Tina Yeoman
72%     COWGIRL'S TWIST Bill Bader
71%     BOOT SCOOTIN' BOOGIE Mattox & Blair
71%     MARS ATTACK Rachael McEnaney
71%     SKI BUMPUS - aka Black Velvet Linda De Ford
70%     COTTON EYED JOE - Line Jo Thompson
70%     PUSH Michele Perron
70%     SOUTHERN DELIGHT Rossella Corsi Lord & Fred Lord
69%     BLACK COFFEE Helen O'Malley
69%     ELECTRIC SLIDE - (18C) Unknown
69%     STROLL ALONG CHA CHA Sandhams
68%     BYE BYE (Piccolissima) Kate Sala
68%     COOL WHIP Judy McDonald
68%     GHOST TRAIN Kathy Hunyadi
68%     ISLANDS IN THE STREAM Karen Jones
68%     POR TI SERE (4 U I will be) Jo Thompson
67%     FLY LIKE A BIRD Hedy McAdams
67%     GOD BLESSED TEXAS Shirley K Batson
66%     AT THE HOP - aka @ The Hop Carmel Hutchinson
66%     CHO-CO-LATTE Yvonne Anderson
66%     HOT POTATO John H Robinson
66%     MACARENA Diana Patricia
66%     QUANDO WHEN QUANDO Lawrence & Fisher
65%     MONY MONY Maggie Gallagher
64%     SLOW BURN Robinson & Hunyadi
64%     SWEET SWEET SMILE Johnny 2 Step & Fi Scott
63%     CHA CHA SLIDE Casper - also a Scott Hucks version
63%     SLAPPIN' LEATHER Gayle Brandon
62%     BUMP 'N' GRIND Jo & Rita Thompson
62%     MUCARA WALK John Steel
61%     COUNTRY 2 STEP Masters In Line
61%     HIDEAWAY CHA Brady & Davis & Thompson
60%     13MWZ - aka Uno Dos Tres Sherry McClure
60%     COUNTRY WALKIN' Teree DeSarro
60%     DANCING IN THE DARK Jo Thompson
60%     DOWN ON THE CORNER Peter Metelnick
60%     MACK THE KNIFE Rachael McEnaney
60%     MIDNIGHT WALTZ Jo Thompson
60%     RITA'S WALTZ - Line/Partner Jo Thompson
60%     ROSE GARDEN Jo Thompson
59%     BADDA-BOOM BADDA-BANG! Karen Hunn
59%     BLACK HORSE Kate Sala
59%     COWBOY CHA CHA - long version Unknown
59%     HOOKED ON COUNTRY Doug Miranda
59%     SPLISH SPLASH Jo Thompson
58%     DOCTOR DOCTOR Masters In Line
58%     MMM BOP Kelly Kaylin
58%     PIZZIRICCO Dot Ilaria
58%     ROMANTASY Metelnick & Biggs
58%     SHAKATAK Kate Sala
58%     SMOKEY PLACES Michele Perron
58%     SUGAR SUGAR Doug Miranda
57%     NOW OR NEVER Kathy Hunyadi
57%     SCRAP IT Kathy Kaczmarek
57%     SUDS IN THE BUCKET Yvonne Anderson
56%     BLUE ROSE IS Unknown
56%     CINCO DE MAYO Livett & Thompson
56%     DREAMS OF MARTINA Peter Metelnick
56%     JUKEBOX Jo Thompson
56%     WAY - THE Gerard Murphy
55%     COPPERHEAD - aka Copperhead Road; Kentucky Jug Unknown
55%     MAMBO #5 (Mambo No 5) Machado & Lee
55%     MILLER MAGIC Palmer & Cox
55%     POT OF GOLD Liam Hrycan
55%     RIVER OF DREAMS Charlotte Skeeters
55%     STITCH IT UP Robbie McGowan Hickie
54%     CANADIAN STOMP Unknown
54%     EVERGREEN Karen Hunn
53%     ALL SHOOK UP Naomi Fleetwood
53%     JUST A KISS Robbie McGowan Hickie
53%     JUST FOR GRINS Jo Thompson
53%     ON THE WATER Pete Harkness
53%     POOR BOY SHUFFLE Vicki E Rader
53%     UNDER YOUR SPELL Bracken Ellis
52%     I'M ALIVE Kevin & Rena Ward
52%     SHOOP SHOOP Jo Thompson
51%     SUNDOWN WALTZ Robbie McGowan Hickie
50%     8-9-10 LET'S DO IT AGAIN Metelnick & Biggs
50%     ACHY BREAKY Melanie Greenwood
50%     BOBBIE SUE Daugherty & Hand
50%     ELECTRIC SLIDE - THE - (22C)
50%     HARDWOOD STOMP - 40 count Jo Thompson
50%     HAVE FUN GO MAD Scott Blevins
50%     TRICKLE TRICKLE Barr & Burton
50%     ZYDECO LADY Chris Hookie
49%     CHIHUAHUA Yvonne Anderson
48%     BALLYMORE BOYS Dot Ilaria
48%     T-BONE SHUFFLE Peter Metelnick
47%     BLUE FINGER LOU Perry &&  Kinson
47%     COWBOY RHYTHM Jo Thompson
47%     DERAILED Peter Metelnick
47%     KEEP IT BURNIN Robinson & Bennett
47%     KING OF THE ROAD Machado & Thompson
47%     MARIANA MAMBO Kate Sala
47%     MY MARIA (C19) Mike Camara & Dan Albro
47%     REET PETITE June Deakin
47%     S.X.E. Rob Fowler
47%     SOME BEACH Robbie McGowan Hickie
47%     SWING YOUR CHAINS Soares & Maguire
47%     TEXAS Max Perry
47%     WE ARE THE SAME Amatos & Robinson & Thompson
46%     ATLANTIS Marshall & Robinson
46%     CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU Andy Skidmore
46%     GOT TO BE FUNKY Dawn Beecham
46%     HOLD YOUR HORSES Kinson & Mickers
46%     LAST DAYS OF DISCO Barr & Robinson
46%     MIDNIGHT RENDEZVOUS Barr & Burton
46%     PEACE TRAIN Julie Molkner
45%     AMERICAN POP Michele Burton
45%     BROKENHEARTSVILLE Peter Metelnick
45%     CUT A RUG Jo Thompson
45%     HONKY TONK STOMP Phyllis Watson
45%     SHE BANGS Hillbilly Rick
45%     SYNCOPATED RHYTHM Michelle & Rob Fowler
45%     WANNA BE ME Ed Lawton
44%     ANOTHER QUICKIE Joanne Brady
44%     CATCH A HIP CAT Michele Perron
44%     ROCK & ROLL WALTZ Max Perry
44%     WALKIN' THE LINE - aka Walk The Line Unknown
43%     BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE Sarlemijn & Verdonk & Bailey
42%     ANTS DANCE - THE Michele Burton
42%     COWBOY BOOGIE - (24C)
aka California Freeze; Charleston Rock; Ming Boogie; Watergate Kelly Burkhardt

42%     DO YOUR THING Amatos & Perry & Hunyadi
42%     IMAGINE Bryan McWherter
42%     JUKE JOINT JIVE Charlotte Williams
42%     NU FLOW Masters In Line
42%     RUMBA RIDE&  Larry Bass
41%     CHILLY CHA CHA A T Kinson
41%     ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK (48C) Unknown
41%     SHALALA Dot Ilaria
41%     TWIST 'EM Jo Thompson
40%     ALLEY CAT Donna Aiken
40%     BASHA Michele Perron
40%     CHATTAHOOCHEE Al Serfas
40%     JUST A MEMORY Dean & Gallagher
40%     ROCKIN' Anita McNab
40%     SOLUNA Robbie McGowan Hickie
40%     WEAK IN THE KNEES Kathy Hunyadi
40%     WHAT'S YOUR NAME Michael Barr
40%     WISHFUL THINKING (48C) Jim O'Neill
39%     7-8-9 STROLL Max Perry
39%     AUTO-MOVES Judy Cain
39%     CLEAN UP TO THE ELBOWS Guyton Mundy
39%     COUNTY LINE CHA CHA - (20c)
aka County Line; Texas County Line - (variations) Unknown

39%     JAMBALAYA Ian St. Leon
39%     M.J. MOVES Perron & Thompson
38%     BAPTIZED IN BEER Max Perry
38%     COME ON AND DANCE Matelnick & Biggs
38%     COWBOY STRUT - aka Country Strut Unknown
38%     DANGEROUS John H Robinson
38%     FUNKALICIOUS Masters In Line
38%     MAD 4 IT - Mad For It Daniel Whittaker
38%     MADLY OFF IN ALL DIRECTIONS Michele Perron
38%     MAMBO JAMBO Thompson & Hunyadi
38%     SOUTHSIDE STOMP Barry Amato
38%     SPEAK TO THE SKY Keith Davies
37%     AND THEY DANCED Peter Metelnick
37%     CHOMPING AT THE BIT Larry Bass
37%     DON'T STOP (DOIN' IT) Jo Thompson
37%     FREEZE - THE Unknown
37%     JAMAICA MISTAKA Metelnick & Hodgson
37%     JITTERBUGGIN' Bunny & Bruce Burton
37%     JIVE WALKIN' John H Robinson
37%     NASDRAVIA - aka Iko Iko Laura & Becky Michaels
37%     PICK A POCKET Jan Wyllie
37%     RIBBON OF HIGHWAY Neil Hale
37%     SHAMROCK SHAKE Robert & Regina Padden
37%     TURBO TWANG Perry & Metelnick
37%     UNLOCK MY HEART Peter Metelnick
37%     VERTICAL EXPRESSIONS Lawrence & Fisher
36%     ADDICTED TO LOVE Max Perry
36%     APPLEJACK Unknown
36%     CAJUN THANG Jo & Rita Thompson
36%     DRINKIN' BONE BOOGIE Ellen Kiernan
36%     LARGER THAN LIFE Simon Ward
36%     PARTY-4-2 Metelnick & Biggs
36%     WALKIN' WAZI Getty & Callahan
35%     CITY LIMITS Yvonne Anderson
35%     CLOSER Mary Kelly
35%     ELVIRA CHA-CHA - (32C) - aka Elvira (not the Elvira freeze) Unknown
35%     HOT TAMALES Neil Hale
35%     LIGHTNING POLKA Peter Metelnick
35%     ONE STEP FORWARD Wilson & Lucia
35%     PUT ON YOUR DANCIN' BOOTS Jo Thompson
35%     PUTTIN' ON THE RITZ Jo & Rita Thompson
35%     RAZOR SHARP Stephen Sunter
35%     TICO TICO Peter Metelnick
34%     CHARLESTON STRUT Jo Thompson
34%     I SAID I LOVE YOU - aka Bell's Love Lawrence & Fisher
34%     LIVE LAUGH LOVE Rob Fowler
34%     MAYBE I COULD Robbie McGowan Hickie
34%     SKY FULL OF ANGELS Yvonne Anderson
34%     WHO DID YOU CALL DARLIN' Smith & Fletcher
33%     ELECTRIC REEL Robert & Regina Padden
32%     ALL DAY LONG Gary Lafferty
32%     BAD MOON ON THE RISE Alison Biggs
32%     BIDNESS Scott Blevins
32%     BUY ME A DRINK Maggie Gallagher
32%     EASY COME EASY GO - (40C) similar to Canadian Stomp (32C) Debbie O'Hara
32%     HEARTBREAK EXPRESS Peter Metelnick
32%     HEAVE AWAY Gerard Murphy
32%     HIT THE ROAD JACK Ian Dunn
32%     INTO THE ARENA Michael Vera-Lobos
32%     IRRESISTIBLE! Metelnick & Biggs
32%     MOCKINGBIRD Barry Durand
32%     PHLOOR PHILLA Stevens & McWherter
32%     SIDE BY SIDE Patricia E Stott
32%     STOP IT! Rob Fowler
32%     STREET SOUL Masters in Line
32%     SUGAR AND PAI Kelli Haugen
32%     T.G.I.F. - aka Thank God It's Friday Thompson & Perron
32%     TANGO WITH THE SHERIFF Adrian Churm
32%     WHOLE AGAIN Sue Johnstone
31%     EL RIO AMOR Metelnick & Biggs
31%     HIGH CLASS BROADS Brady & Babinec
31%     RIDIN'&  Dave Ingram
31%     SALSARIA Max Perry
30%     BUCKLEHUCK Carole Daugherty
30%     CLICKETY CLACK Metelnick & Hunyadi
30%     KING & I - THE Christy Fox
30%     ONE MISSISSIPPI Barry Amato
30%     RIDE EM' COWBOY Kathy Gurdjian
30%     SEPTEMBER" Jo Thompson
30%     SHANIA'S MOMENT Nathan Easey
30%     WATCH ME NOW! Perry & Hunyadi & Amatos
30%     ZATCHU Webb & Blaskowski
29%     ALL WEEK LONG - aka 7 Nights to Rock Peter Metelnick
29%     CRAZY LITTLE THING Chris Hodgson
29%     DIT DOT DITTY Rosella Corsi-Lord & Fred Lord
29%     DIXIE LULLABY Jo Thompson
29%     EVERYWHERE Metelnick & Biggs
29%     FUNKY CHA CHA Barry Durand
29%     GUILTY Masters In Line
29%     HOT LOVE Maggie Gallagher
29%     HOW SWEET IT IS Metelnick & Biggs
29%     I GOT A GIRL Lawrence & Fisher
29%     SCOTIA SAMBA Liz & Bev Clarke
29%     SWING CITY JIVE Rick & Mosby
29%     TAKE A BREATHER Maggie Gallagher
29%     VENGA BUS SHUFFLE Kelvin Elvidge
29%     WHISKEY IN THE JAR Maggie Gallagher
29%     YOU'RE SO NAUGHTY (KISS MY BODY) Brian Holland
28%     ALL THAT JAZZ Cherryl Tonner
28%     BODY IN MOTION Peter Metelnick
28%     CHA CHA TONIGHT Scott Blevins
28%     DRIVE ME WILD Scott Blevins
28%     ELVIRA FREEZE - (20C) Unknown
28%     GREEN DOOR Patricia E Stott
28%     HIGH TEST LOVE Max Perry
28%     ONCE UPON A DECEMBER Jo Thompson
28%     SUM'M SUM'M Guyton Mundy
28%     YEEEEE HAAAAA! - a contra line dance Simon Ward
27%     31ST OF APRIL John H Robinson
27%     BREAK AWAY Max Perry
27%     DREAM WEAVER - a waltz Ed Lawton
27%     FENUA MAOHI E Derrick & Terry
27%     GRUNDY GALLOP Jenny Rocket
27%     HEY BABY Paula Bilby
27%     JAZZY JOES De La Grange
27%     LET 'ER RIP Peter Metelnick
27%     PSYCHABILLY BOOGIE Peter Metelnick
27%     SERENITY - a waltz Masters In Line
27%     SHUFFLE ROCK Max Perry
27%     STEALING THE BEST Rosie Multari
27%     SWAY - Line Dance Carl Sullivan
27%     TITANIC Simon Ward
27%     WANNA WANNA Neville Fitzgerald
27%     WISHES Vivienne Scott
27%     YES YOU WON'T Barnes & McWherter
26%     BAREFOOTIN' Jo & Rita Thompson
26%     FAST WOMEN Guyton Mundy
26%     MAMBO JIVE Max Perry
26%     SEXY STIR FRY Mundy & Spicer
26%     TEXAS STOMP Ruth Elias
26%     UNTIL THE END Maggie Gallagher
26%     WE'RE ALIVE Masters In Line
25%     A DEVIL IN ME Kate Sala
25%     BEETHOVEN'S BOOGIE Rob Fowler
25%     BICYCLE WALTZ Peter Heath
25%     CAJUN MAMBO WALK Max Perry
25%     FIELDS OF GOLD Lois Lightfoot
25%     IF I CAN'T DANCE (I'll Go Crazy) Michael & Betty Weeks
25%     JOIN THE QUEUE Michael Barr
25%     S.O.T.B. - aka Sex On The Beach Tom Clarke
24%     AVE MARIA Kathy Hunyadi
24%     L.O.V.E. Mirandas
24%     LAMTARRA RUMBA Tony Chapman
24%     MAMMA AFRIKA Gerard Murphy
24%     MYSTERIOUS GIRL Neville Fitzgerald
24%     URBAN GRACE Masters in Line
24%     WHERE WE'VE BEEN Lana Harvey Wilson
23%     COLD BLOODED Scott Blevins
23%     ELLIOT'S DREAM Ann Wood
23%     GOING ALL THE WAY Lawrence & Fisher
23%     HASTA MANANA Charlotte Skeeters
23%     PARADISE CHA Michelle & Mandy Bain
23%     PATIENT HEART Vera-Lobos & Ford
23%     SOMEBODY LIKE YOU Alan Birchall
23%     SWEET LITTLE DANGEROUS Pete Harkness
23%     TOO FUNKY FOR ME Anderson & Cosenza & Pospieszny
23%     TRIPLE J Michael Barr
23%     WHAT IT IS? Scott Blevins
22%     BARTENDER STOMP - aka Electric Horseman Unknown
22%     BEAT GOES ON - THE Jo Thompson
22%     BLACK BETTY Chris Adams
22%     HAMS JAM Peter Metelnick
22%     JUST WRIGHT Maggie Gallagher
22%     LA CHICO Masters In Line
22%     POETRY IN MOTION Masters In Line
22%     PORUSHKA PORANYA Gary Lafferty
22%     PRETEND Ed Lawton
22%     REAL WORLD - THE (a waltz) Ruthie B
22%     RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT - THE Michele Burton
22%     SIMPLY BLUE Annie Saw
22%     STEPPIN' OUT - (48C) Brady & Gallagher
22%     VIVACIOUS ShaBeDa
22%     WHATEVER HAPPENS Ron Kline & Liz Bogan
21%     BAD ATTITUDE McEnaney & Oulton
21%     FLYING EIGHT - (20C) aka Flying Seminole Unknown
21%     FLYING EIGHTS - (22C) Unknown
21%     MATADOR - (36C) Roy Rakeshaw
21%     MOVE ME Kathy Brown
21%     TIK TOK TOO Neville Fitzgerald
20%     2 HEARTS Peter Metelnick
20%     COAST IS CLEAR - THE Peter Metelnick
20%     DROWSY MAGGIE Maggie Gallagher
20%     FAIS DO DO Michelle Chandonnet
20%     INVITATION TO PARTY - aka Foo Foo Michele Perron
20%     KELLY'S CANNIBALS Liz & Bev Clarke
20%     SPIRIT - THE Karl Cregeen
20%     WOTEVA Fowler & Sherlock
20%     XCUSE ME Kate Sala
20%     YOU'RE SO GOOD Ruthie B
19%     ALL NIGHT LONG Robbie McGowan Hickie
19%     BETTER LIFE Peter Metelnick
19%     CRADLE Mark & Jan Caley
19%     DARE 2 LOVE John H Robinson
19%     FLYING EIGHTS - (18C) aka Yankee Shuffle Unknown - prep by Rick Bowen
19%     L-A-EX Maggie Gallagher
19%     TURNING UP THE HEAT - aka Spin Peter Matelnick
18%     1 2 3 WALTZ Val Myers
18%     ICE BREAKER Mary Kelly
18%     IT HAD TO BE YOU Denise Boyle
18%     LINDI SHUFFLE Jane Smee
18%     MR PRESIDENT Ward & Jenkins & Dunn
18%     PARALYZED - contra lines Hartje & Clayton
18%     PARTY TILL DAWN Scott Blevins
17%     AMAZING Noel Castle
17%     BAD REPUTATION Tony Wilson
17%     BIRMINGHAM Jo Thompson
17%     BUS STOP - (32C) Unknown
17%     COBRA Rob Fowler
17%     DEEPLY COMPLETELY - a waltz Rob Fowler
17%     DREAM ON - a waltz Rob Fowler
17%     EVIL GIRL Joanne Brady
17%     HEEERRR'S JOHNNY Barr & Burton
17%     I HEAR YOU KNOCKIN' Thompson & Amatos & Robinson
17%     JACK'S BACK Patricia E Stott
17%     LEAVE RIGHT NOW Mark & Jan Caley
17%     MAKE YOUR MIND UP Metelnick & Biggs
17%     MAMA KNOWS BEST Bill Bader
17%     MISTY Patricia E Stott
17%     MONTEGO BAY Kathy Hunyadi
17%     PAPA LOVES MAMBO Yvonne Anderson
17%     READY TO FLY Robbie McGowan Hickie
17%     SHOOGA Kelli Haugen
17%     SWINGIN' SINGLE Donna Caudill
17%     TWO TIME TRICK Scott Blevins
16%     BUS STOP - (16C) Unknown
16%     FEEL THE RUSH Dee Musk
16%     IF THE SHOE FITS Michele Burton
16%     MISLEADING Mundy & Machado
15%     101 - ONE OH ONE Peter Metelnick
15%     CLICHE Kate Sala
15%     G.I. BLUES Grace Colman
15%     MORE AND MORE Lawrence & Fisher
15%     MUSICOLOGY Masters In Line
15%     RIGHT WAY Dee Musk
15%     SINGAPORE SWING Bill Bader
15%     TEXAS WALTZ Jim Ferrazzano
15%     UNMISTAKABLY GOOD Masters In Line
14%     ALL MY HEART Bill Bader
14%     AMAZING FAITH Rob Fowler
14%     DANCIN' WITH KEYS Simon Ward
14%     FIRST TO LAST Nigel & Barbara Payne
14%     G.E.L. Gadbois & Schira & Strong
14%     INDIGO MOON McGowan Hickie & Hunn
14%     LET'S DANCE Chris Hodgson
14%     LITTLE RHUMBA Donna Laurin
14%     MATADOR - THE (40C) Donna Aiken
14%     TOP OF THE WORLD Sharon Hutchinson
14%     WRAPPED AROUND Masters In Line
13%     CHA CHA LOCO ( Cha Cha Crazy) Machado & Thompson & Livett
13%     EASY CHAIR Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson
13%     GOT YOU TOO - aka Gotcha - a waltz Kelli Haugen
13%     RUBY BABY aks Ruby Ruby Unknown
13%     SHIV-A-REE Maggie Gallagher
12%     20 KISSES - aka Stop The World And Let Me Off! Metelnick & Biggs
12%     BACKROADS Michael Barr
12%     BILLIE BLUE LIGHTS Michael Barr
12%     BUS STOP - (28C) Lone Stars Country Line Dancers
12%     DELANOCHE Matelnick & Biggs
12%     FOOLS AND BEER Kathy Brown
12%     HESITATION WALTZ Ernie Hutchinson
12%     HOLE IN THE HEAD Neville Fitzgerald
12%     MATADOR - (20C) Unknown
12%     SWEET MEMORIES - a waltz Judy McDonald
12%     TIMEZONE Gary Lafferty
12%     WALTZ IS THE KEY Max Perry
11%     ALIVE AND KICKIN' Daniel Whittaker
11%     BMI BABY Masters In Line
11%     ONE NIGHT WILL DO Kathy Hunyadi
11%     PLAIN SPANISH Mark & Jan Caley
11%     ROUND ROUND BABY Metelnick & Biggs
11%     SAN ANTONE - aka Birchwood Stroll Sandhams
10%     HEAT ON THE STREET Maggie Gallagher
10%     NEW DREAMS McGowan Hickie & Hunn
10%     PAPER ROSES Fuller & Kurt
9%     BEAT IT UP Masters In Line
9%     CAN'T STAND STILL Neville Fitzgerald
9%     CELESTE Pete Harkness
9%     CRUSH - (56C) James Potter
9%     FADED McEnaney & Madeley
9%     JUST BECAUSE Jo & Rita Thompson
9%     LET'S BE US AGAIN Palmer & Cox
9%     SPURS Scott Wylie
9%     WORLD OF BLUE Caz Mawby
9%     ZIGGY Unknown
8%     LATIN WIGGLE - THE Tony Chapman
7%     ALMOST CHA CHA D J Lansaw
7%     HOLDIN' YOU Robbie McGowan Hickie
7%     HOUSE CALL Metelnick & Biggs
7%     JUST FOR YOU Sharon Hutchinson
7%     JUST MY LUCK Alan Haywood
7%     KOOL AND FRESH Mark & Jan Caley
7%     SUBE-AMOR Karen Hunn
7%     YOU ON ME Maria Louise
6%     ANGEL WALTZ Paul McAdam
6%     CRUSH (32C) Masters In Line
6%     GARDEN PARTY Carole Daugherty
6%     OPEN SEASON Maggie Gallagher
6%     SEND ME A LETTER Jackie Miranda
5%     BABY JANE Chris Hodgson
5%     CHOOSE TO DANCE Maggie Gallagher
5%     OUT OF BOUNDS - (52C) Karen Hunn
5%     SHE BELIEVES Sharon Hutchinson
4%     ALL OUT OF LOVE Mirandas
4%     BASIC RUMBA Tai Tsang
4%     BREAK IT Judy McDonald
4%     GO FOR IT Jones (The Girls)
4%     GO TO PIECES Keith Cross
4%     OUT OF BOUNDS - (32C) Biggs & Metelnick
4%     RESCUE ME Terry Hogan
4%     SHADE -THE Lawrence & Fisher
4%     TEXAS CHA CHA - (40C) Mildred Holloway
3%     TRUCKING Maggie Gallagher
2%     LET ME LOVE YOU Masters In Line
2%     TEXAS CHA CHA - (16C) Unknown
1%     FY! Sarlmijn & Haugen
1%     JET LAG Masters In Line
1%     TEXAS CHA CHA - (20C) Unknown

** Note: while only 89% said they knew the 'Electric Slide' by that name,  'The Freeze' and 'The Elvira Freeze' are essentially the same dances are appear seperately. Since individual voting is not reported, this 89% should be considered a minimum.

The year the dance was choreographed is given, where known.

Caveat (ie: beware) - It is tempting to look at the above list (and the other dances in the full survey) and conclude that the 'oldies' are the most popular dances and that dancers are not keen on all the new stuff. However, by it's very nature, this survey *is* biased in favour of the oldies.

The survey is international (well, ok, the US and UK and a few folks from elsewhere). Popular dances today are a lot more regionalised than they were in the earlier days of linedancing - what is popular in one region, let alone one country, is usually totally unheard of elsewhere (compare the current top dances in the US, the UK and Australia, as surveyed elsewhere on this site). This means that even if a dance is spectactularly popular in one area and/or country, it probably won't be elsewhere and so it can't hope to compete against the 'golden oldies' that were taught nearly everywhere. There are exceptions to this - some new dances have a world-wide popularity, such as 'Chill Factor'.
The older a dance, the more time it has had to spread around. Some dances get almost everywhere very quickly (again 'Chill Factor' is a good example, tho' mind you, the fact that some people are still teaching it means that it hasn't gotten everywhere ... yet), but other's can take years to slowly drift around the international linedance community.
The survey itself was to determine what dances people either knew or had once known (and could probably pick up again without much hassle). It is not a survey of what dances are popular or most liked. I know the 'Electric Slide', but that doesn't mean it's a favourite of mine nor that I would get up to do it!


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