Pink Sunset

For a change ...

Just thought I'd mention something pretty wierd. The sunset. Well not wierd in itself since the sun sets every day, but rather the fashion in which it did so. The whole sky was cloud covered and as the sun got to setting instead of the clouds lighting up red as they often do here with the setting sun they acted as a light filter instead. The light which got thru was heavily biased towards the red end of the spectrum, so much so that everything looked strange and the very light looked reddish-pink. The clouds themseleves were a most amazing purple-pink colour, quite a delicate shade really, and anything that was based on a red colour down "here" showed up very brightly, that is reds, oranges, pinks and yellows. Other colours had faded to their night-time black/white versions .. thus one could see yellows and reds very clearly but all the greens, blues etc had faded to shades of grey. Even white things appeared a pinkish colour. It's gone now .. only lasted 5 mins or so. Not the first time I've seen it, but it is fairly rare.

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