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Linedancing in Western Sydney

Step Sheets
As of September 2010 a new site has been set up for Australian stepsheets (original sheets only),  a replacement for Dancing Downunder (which ceased being updated late 2009). The stepsheet site you are currently viewing (on Line Dance Sydney) contains an archive of dances choreographed prior to September 2010 plus any non-Australian choreography that has been submitted since then.

If you are looking for a newer non-Australian dance that is not listed here, I recommend you check Copperknob. Note that most (alas not quite all) Australian choreographers submit their dances to Aussie Dancesheets.

Dances beginning with: 
[dances beginning with a number etc (eg: 3 Dayz) are listed in the A's]
Partner Dances

Dances: E-H

Easily ContentedCandy Tan1W,phrased,I-submitted2012-06
East Bound  Maureen Reynolds 2W,64C,I+ submitted 2006
East to West  Larry Hayden 2W,96C,I original sheet 2007
Easy for Me to Say Javier Rodriguez Gallego & Ira Weisburd
4W,32,I- submitted 2023-04
Easy Good Time Joshua & Julia Talbot 2W,64C,B/I submitted 2008
Easy Listening Radio Barbara Hile 4W,32,B+ submitted 2007
Easy Money Marie Sørensen 4W,32,B+ submitted 2011
Easy RiderMarie Sørensen & Adrian Helliker4W,32,B+submitted2012-09
Martie Papendorf
4W,32,I- submitted 2014-10
Edelweiss  Alison Johnstone 4W,24C,B,w submitted 2010
E.V.E. Brett Jenkins, Warren Mitchell, Cathryn Proudfoot 2W,64C,I reformatted 2003
Easy Walkin' unknown 4W,20C,B-- reformatted -
Electric ShockJohn Ng & Candy Tan 2W,64C,Isubmitted2013-08
Electric Slide  unknown 4W,18C,B-- reformatted -
Electric Slide (Sinhala language) Translated by Shanthie de Mel
4W,18C,B-- submitted 2024-04
Martie Papendorf
4W,42C,I- submitted 2015-09
EloiseMarie Sørensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-04
Elusive Love Sandy Kerrigan 2W,48C,I+ reformatted 2004
Elvira unknown 4W,20C,B-- reformatted -
Elvis Coast Swing
Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takaç
2W,64C,I submitted 2015
Empty Dreams Robbie McGowan Hickie 4W,64C,I reformatted 2002
Enamorada Marie Sørensen 4W,32C,I submitted 2011
End Of The WorldMarie Sørensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2013-07
Envole-moi (Theory of Flight)
Martie Papendorf 4W,64C,I submitted 2017-06
Eres OneAlison Biggs & Peter Metelnick4W,32C,Breformatted2012
Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,B submitted 2016-10
Escape Fulvio Durazza 2W,96C,A reformatted 2002
Eternity Luke and Stephen Watson 4W,48C,A,waltz reformatted 2000
Euro Mess Jo Kinser, Daniel Trepat & Niels Poulsen 1W,phrased,I reformatted 2011
Evasive Toni Holmes and Steve Jeffries 4W,32C,B/I submitted 2006
Eve's Way to Memphis Marie Sørensen 2W,32C,B submitted 2011
Even Then Fulvio Durazza & Gai Allomes  1W,64C,I+ reformatted 2000
Evening in Roma
Jaszmine Tan
4W,64C,I- submitted 2016-03
Evergreen Karen Hunn 2W,40C,I- reformatted 2002
Everlasting Dreams Sandy Kerrigan 2W,64C,I reformatted 2003
Everlasting Love Jennifer Hughes 2W,64C,I original sheet 2008
Every Day Has A ReasonMarie Sørensen4W,32C,Isubmitted2012-07
Every Heartbeat Bill Larson 4W,32C,B/I reformatted 2004
Every Little ThingMartie Papendorf & Debbi Wienburg 2W,64C,Isubmitted2012-05
Every Now and Then Darren Bailey and Lana Williams 2W,32C,I original sheet 2010
Every River Mark Simpkin 2W,32C,I- reformatted 2001
Everybody Wants Wrangler Wild 2W,72C,I+ reformatted 2002
Everybody's Doing It  Ben Kelly, Robyn Lahiff & Neil Gavin 2W,56C,I reformatted 2003
Everyone Xi Yang YangLi (Michelle) & Chee Kiang Lim2W,32C,Bsubmitted2010-02
Everything I Do Rachael McEaney 4W,32C,I reformatted 2010
Everything I LoveMarie Sørensen2W,32C,I-submitted2012-03
Everything I NeedMartie Papendorf 4W,32C,I-submitted2011-10
Everything I Own (Has Got A Dent) Gordon Elliott & Linda Pink 4W,32C,B/I reformatted 2010
Everything She Does Sandy Kerrigan 2W,54C,I- submitted 2008
Everywhere Metelnick and Biggs 2W,64C,I reformatted 2002
EvolutionMarie Sørensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-11
Ex-Ess Tony Wilson 4W,32C,I submitted 1999
Excuse MeMarie Sørensen2W,32C,B-submitted2012-09
Explain the Way Michael Vera-Lobos 2W,64C,I reformatted 2003
Extra Ordinary
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
2W,64C,I- submitted 2016-03
Extremity Noel Bradey 2W,48C,I,W reformatted 2004

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Fable for a City Kid
Martie Papendorf
4W,48C,B submitted 2014-01
Fahrenheit Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs 2W,64C,I original sheet 2011
Fairytale Tim Gauci 4W,37C,I submitted 2010
Fais Do Do Michelle Chandonnet 4W,64C,I- reformatted 2000
Fake IDJamal Sims & Dondraico Johnson 1W,A,phrasedreformatted2012
Fall ApartMarie Sørensen2W,32C,I-submitted2013-05
Fall From Grace Mark Simpkin & Robin Imms 2W,64C,A reformatted 2001
FallenMarie Sørensen2W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-10
Fallen Angel Travis Taylor 2W,64C,I submitted 2009
Fallen Tear Brett Jenkins 2W,72C,I/A reformatted 2003
Fallin' in Love Tom Glover  2W,64C,I reformatted 2002
Falling Again Kelvin Dale & Samantha Dixon 4W,32C,I submitted 2006
Falling Again Kelvin Dale & Samantha Dixon 4W,32C,I reformatted 2006
Falling InMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2012-05
Fallsview Rock Janet Humphrey  4W,32C,B+ reformatted 1990s
False Eyelashes
Marie Sørensen & Sally Hung
4W,68C,I- submitted 2015-08
Familiar Flame Brett Jenkins 2W,48C,I,W reformatted 2004
Family Ties Peter Fry 2W,64C,A reformatted 2004
Fantasia Marita Torres
2W,56C,I- submitted 2020-11
Far Side Banks of Jordan Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,I- submitted 2020-12
Faraway Waltz Noel Bradey 4W,48C,I+,waltz reformatted 2000
Fare Ye Well Ritchie Remo
Marie Sørensen & Sally Hung
4W,36C,I- submitted 2016-02
FarewellDebbie McLaughlin, Joey Warren & Junior Willis4W,32C,Ioriginal sheet2012-02
Fast Love Song Martie Papendorf 4W,64C,I submitted 2011
Faster Mitch Burgess & Bree Sarkies 2W,80C,A reformatted 2004
Favourite Thingz Tim Gauci 2W,48/32C,A,waltz reformatted 2003
Feel Lucky TonightMarie Sørensen4W,32C,B+submitted2012-01
Feeling Good Michael Vera-Lobos 4W,44C,I reformatted 2006
Feel Right Robbie McGowan Hickie 2W,68C,B/I reformatted 2010
Feel So StrongMartie Papendorf 4W,40C,I-submitted2013-07
Feet Don't Fail Me Now Peter Metelnick 2W,64C,I reformatted 1999
Felt Good on My Lips Stephen Paterson 4W,64C,I reformatted 2010
Festa dell Uva
Martie Papendorf 4W,48C,I- submitted 2014-01
FG Step
Tan Candy
2W,64C,I submitted 2014-02
Fiddlin' CowboysSteve & Denise Bisson, Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takaç4W,68C,I-submitted2013-10
Fifteen Seconds Carol McKee 4W,32C,I reformatted 2001
Fill in the BlankRachael McEnaney 4W,32C,I-reformatted2013-02
Fill Me Up Chris Watson 4W,32C,I reformatted 2008
Fine Place Cheryl Salter 4W,64C,I submitted 2006
Fire on Ice Kate Sala 2W,64C,I original sheet 2008
Fireball Shuffle
Jill Weiss
4W,32C,I- submitted 2015
Firecracker Robert Lindsay 4W,56C,I original sheet 2008
First Love Terry Hogan 4W,32C,I reformatted 2004
First Thing This Morning
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
2W,48C,I- submitted 2016-08
First Time Kiss
Erica de Vaan
4W,64C,B+ submitted 2016-02
First to Last Nigel & Barbara Payne 1W,64C,I- reformatted 2003
Fishin' in the Dark  Bill Lancaster 4W,64C,B/I original sheet 2007
Fishing Dance Mark Simpkin 4W,88C,A reformatted 2000
Five O'Clock Somewhere Brett Jenkins & Chris Watson 4W,60C,I reformatted 2006
Five O'Clock Somewhere Brett Jenkins & Chris Watson 4W,60C,I submitted 2006
5 O'Clock Stomp unknown 4W,32C,B reformatted -
Fixed on You Sandy Kerrigan 2W,64C,I submitted 2010
Flames of Desire Brett Jenkins 2W,64C,I/A submitted 2005
Flames of Desire Brett Jenkins 2W,64C,I/A reformatted 2005
Flamin' Mamie
Martie Papendorf 4W,32C,I- submitted 2015-07
Flat PenniesMartie Papendorf4W,32C,I-submitted2012-11
Flip Flop & Fly Frank Trace 4W,32C,I- original sheet 2011
Float Ya Boat Luke Watson 4W,32C,I original sheet 2009
Floor Filler Brett Jenkins & Chris Watson 4W,32C,I submitted 2005
FloorfillerMarie Sorensen4W,32C,B+submitted2012-06
Florida Swing
Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takaç
2W,64C,I- submitted 2015-06
FlowerLouise Kjaer & Niels B. Poulsen4W,32C,Ireformatted2012
Fly!! Paul Snooke & Cierwen Newell 2W,48C,I/A reformatted 2004
Fly Away
Marie Sørensen
4W,68C,I submitted 2014-05
Fly Away With Me Marie Sørensen 4W,68C,I- submitted 2021-07
Fly Baby Fly Jan Wyllie 2W,32C,B/I reformatted 2005
Flying Eagles Marie Sorensen 2W,64C,I- submitted 2010
Flying High Jan Wyllie 2W,32C,B reformatted 1990s
Flying Leap Terry Hogan 2W,64C,I original sheet 2000
Flying without WingsRoz Chaplin & Marie Sorensen 4W,32C,Isubmitted2011-12
Follow Me Linda Burgess 4W,108C,I,W submitted 2005
Follow Me Linda Burgess 4W,108C,I,W reformatted 2005
Fool Again Jim Watt 4W,64C,I reformatted 2004
Foolin' Myself
John Warnars
2W,64C,I- submitted 2015-03
Foolish Terry Hogan 4W,32C,B/I,W original sheet 2007
For All Seasons Sandy Kerrigan 4W,32C,I submitted 2010
For EverclearMarie Sorensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-03
For Old Times
Marie Sørensen
4W,64C,I- submitted 2014-02
For Reasons I've Forgotten Rosalie Mackay 4W,64C,I reformatted 2002
For the Last Time Jan Wyllie 2W,32C,I submitted 2009
For the Thrill of It Kerry & Andrew Bailey 4W,32C,B submitted 2009
Forever Always Jon Peppin 2W,48C,I-,waltz reformatted 2001
Forever Dance Bill Bader 4W,32C,I- original sheet 2003
Forever and a Day Patricia Stott 2W,68C,I reformatted 2001
Forever I Love You John Warnars 4W,32C,I- submitted 2011
Forever Love Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher 4W,64C,I reformatted 2002
Forever Love You Bill Larson 2W,51C,I,W reformatted 2005
Forever on My Mind Peter Fry 4W,64C,A reformatted 2005
Forever Swing
Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,B submitted 2018-06
Forever YoungMartie Papendorf2W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-10
Forget All Your Yesterdays  Beth Mills 4W,48C,B+,waltz reformatted 2001
Forgive Noel Bradey 2W,64C,I/A reformatted 2010
Four Corners Anonymous 4W,40C,B reformatted -
Martie Papendorf 4W,32C,I- submitted 2014-02
Free & Easy Linda Burgess 2W,32C,I original sheet 2007
Free For a Moment Stephen Paterson 4W,48C,I,W reformatted 2004
Free With a Tree Charlie Mifsud 2W,40C,I- reformatted 2004
French Fries & Beer
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
4W,64C,I- submitted 2016-06
Frequency Michael Vera-Lobos 2W,80C,I+ reformatted 2002
Fresh Coat Of PaintMarie Sorensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2012-12
Friday Ain`t The Same
Anna Korsgaard, Marie Sørensen & Kirsthen Hansen
4W,64C,I- submitted 2017-01
Friday at Five Cheryl & Gary Parker, Robyn Groot, Linda Wolfe 4W,48C,I- submitted 2009
Friendship Waltz Chris Watson & Warren Mitchell  2W,48C,I,waltz reformatted 2001
From a Table Away Anna Picemo 4W,32C,B submitted 2011
From Georgia To Tennesee Marie Sorensen 2W,32C,B submitted 2010
From Here to Eternity Mark Simpkin & Kate Moore 2W,48C,I reformatted 2004
From the Beginning Tan Candy 4W,64C,I submitted 2008
From There to Here Jennifer Hughes 2W,64C,I reformatted 2004
Frostbite In My HeartMarie Sørensen 2W,64C,I-submitted2013-01
Front Porch Linda Burgess 2W,48C,I submitted 2005
Fudge It Simon Ward 2W,64C,I reformatted 1999
Fuiste Mala
Martie Papendorf
4W,Phrased,I- submitted 2014-09
Fun Fun Fun Mark Simpkin 2W,48C,I reformatted 2001
Funky Donny Marie Sørensen 2W,32C,I- submitted 2011
Funky Feet Barry Amato 4W,24C,B reformatted 1990s
Funny FaceIra Weisburd4W,48C,I-submitted2012-12
Funtasia Robbie McGowan Hickie 4W,64C,I- reformatted 2004
Fussin' and Fightin' Tim Gauci 4W,32C,I- submitted 2007

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G.I. Blues Ian St Leon, Lorraine Shelton 1W,92C,I- reformatted 2003
Galway Girls Chris Hodgson 2W,31C,I- original sheet 2008
Gambling ManMaggie Gallagher2W,72C,Ioriginal sheet2011
Games People Play
Marie Sørensen
4W,64C,I- submitted 2014-08
Games That Lovers Play Tom Glover 4W,32C,B/I reformatted 2006
Genie in a Bottle Tim Gauci 2W,64C,B/I submitted 2008
Gentle on My Mind
Bobbey Willson
4W,36C,B+ submitted 2014-12
Gentleman's Waltz Tim Gauci 4W,48C,B/I,w reformatted 2005
Gentlemen Linda Burgess 4W,32C,I- reformatted 2005
Georgia In LineGreywolf & Wiya Wambli 4W,32C,B+submitted2013-03
Georgia on My Mind Jill Boxtel 4W,32C,A submitted 2005
Gerda's Wedding Dance Piet Meulendijks 4W,32C,I submitted 2011
Get a Life Carl Sullivan 2W,64C,I reformatted 2005
Get Back to the Country Michael Schmidt
4W,48C,I- submitted 2020-03
Get CloserMarie Sorensen4W,32C,I-submitted2013-01
Get Gone Mark Simpkin and Robin Imms 2W,64C,A reformatted 2000
Get in the Truck Peter Fry 4W,48C,I reformatted 2005
Get Rhythm Ian St Leon 2W,68C,I+ reformatted 2003
Get the Girl Ian St Leon 4W,32C,B+ reformatted 2005
Get the L Outta L.A. Carol McKee 4W,48C,I reformatted 2005
Get the Party Started Tan Candy 4W,32C,I- submitted 2007
Get to Funny LinersMarie Sorensen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-05
Get Trashed Robbie McGowan Hickie 2W,64C,I original sheet 2009
Get Up and TryMartie Papendorf 4W,48C,I-submitted2012-11
Get Ya Drink On Tim Gauci 4W,64C,I- submitted 2008
Get Your Feet Down Michelle Chandonnet 2W,phrased,I original sheet 2007
Getcha Good Robie McGowan Hickie 4W,64C,I reformatted 2002
Getoor (aka Bewitched)
Martie Papendorf 4W,32C,B+ submitted 2016-11
Gettin' You Home Charlie Mifsud 4W,80C,I reformatted 2009
Getting Ready to Get Down
Jill Weiss
2W,48C,I- submitted 2015
Getting Used Marie Sorensen 4W,64C,B+ submitted 2010
Ghost Sandy Kerrigan 4W,32C,I- submitted 2010
Ghost Town
Marie Sørensen
4W,64C,I- submitted 2017-01
Giddy Up Jo Thompson 4W,32C,I reformatted 2000
Giddy Up Bill Larson 4W,48C,I reformatted 2003
Gimmie a Chance Maggie Gallagher 2W,96C,I original sheet 2008
Girl in a Country Song
Bobbey Willson
4W,40C,I- submitted 2014-11
Girl in a Country Song
Michael Schmidt
2W,32C,I- submitted 2015-02
Girls Gone Wild Christine Bass 2W,64C,I reformatted 2004
Girls Lie Too  Gary & Cheryl Parker 2W,64C,I submitted 2005
Girls Night Out  Terry Hogan 2W,64C,I reformatted 1994
Give and Take Kerry and Andrew Bailey 4W,32C,B submitted 2009
Give in to MeMarie Sorensen4W,32C,I-submitted2013-02
Give it Away  Brett Jenkins 2W,64C,I submitted 2007
Give it AwayMarie Sorensen2W,32C,I-submitted2012-02
Give it Up Mark Simpkin 2W,64C,B/I original sheet 2004
Give Me Back My LoveMartie Papendorf4W,64C,Isubmitted2013-05
Give Me Peace On Earth
Martie Papendorf 4W,32C,I- submitted 2015-11
Give Me the Night  Jill Boxtel 4W,56C,I+ submitted 2007
Give Me Two More
Siara Vigante & Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
4W,32C,I- submitted 2015-03
Give Me Two of More
Siara Vigante & Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
4W,32C,I- submitted 2015-03
Give My Love To Rose
Marie Sørensen
4W,32C,B+ submitted 2016-02
Glad I'm Gone Lyn Booth 4W,32C,B submitted -
Gleefully ThereRachael McEnaney2W,96C,I/Areformatted2012-12
Gloria Martie Papendorf 4W,64C,I submitted 2010
Glory Bound Gordon Elliott 4W,64C,I submitted 2005
Glory Bound Gordon Elliott 4W,64C,I reformatted 2005
Go Baby Go Rachael McEnaney 2W,64C,I/A original sheet 2009
Go Johnny Go
Marie Sørensen
4W,32C,I- submitted 2016-08
Go Mama Go Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie 4W,64C,I- original sheet 2009
Go SevenRia Vos 4W,32C,Breformatted2012
Go Tell It on The Mountain Marie Sorensen 2W,32C,B+ submitted 2010
Go West Mark Simpkin 2W,64C,I reformatted 2004
Go Where The Lonely Go Norm Gifford
4W,32C,I- submitted 2022-12
Go With the Flow Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs 4W,64C,I- original sheet 2009
God Bless a Country Girl
Bobbey Willson
4W,40C,I- submitted 2015-03
God Fearin' Women Kerry Hughes 2W,64C,I reformatted 2005
God Must be Busy Tim Gauci 2W,56C,A submitted 2008
God's Been Good Tom Glover 4W,32C,B/I reformatted 2005
God's RadarDirk Leibing & Marie Sorensen4W,80C,I-submitted2013-05
Goin' Down Simon Ward 2W,32C,I reformatted 2004
Going All the Way Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher 4W,64C,I reformatted 2004
Going Back West
Marie Sørensen
4W,32C,I- submitted 2018-01
Good CowboyMarie Sørensen & Roz Chaplin 4W,32C,I-submitted2011-11
Going CrazyMarie Sørensen2W,64C,I-submitted2012-01
Going Crazy, Flying High Barbara Hile 4W,32C,I- original sheet 2004
Going Down Jordan
Martie Papendorf
4W,32C,B- submitted 2015-07
Gold Rockabye Baby
Amy Yang & Li Michelle
4W,32C,B submitted 2017-04
Golden Chinese New YearMayee Lee & Li Michelle 1W,phrased,I-submitted2013-01
Golden Waltz Ira Weisburd
1W,48C,B submitted 2018-03
Good Friends Mark Simpkin 2W,44C,I reformatted 2000
Good Lovin'
Marie Sørensen 4W,32C,I- submitted 2014-01
Going Home to TexasMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2012-01
Golden EyeMartie Papendorf 2W,32C,Isubmitted2012-10
Gone CountryMarie Sørensen & Jette Arvidsen 4W,32C,B+submitted2012-02
Gonna Be AroundMarie Sørensen 2W,32C,B+submitted2013-12
Gonna Know We Were Here
Bobbey Willson
4W,32C,B submitted 2014-10
GonzalezÖzgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takac 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2013-10
Good GirlMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2012-05
Good Morning Beautiful Mark Simpkin & Kate Moore 2W,32C,I reformatted 2005
Good Time Rock & Roll
Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,I- submitted 2015-06
Good Times Chris Watson 4W,48C,I original sheet 2008
Good Times (from the video) Judy Cain 4W,48C,B reformatted 2008
Good to be Us Gary & Cheryl Parker 4W,32C,I submitted 2007
Goodbye Paul Snooke & Cierwen Newell 2W,48C,I reformatted 2002
Goodbye GirlCandy Tan 2W,32C,I-submitted2012-01
Goodbye Goodlookin' Tom Glover 4W,32C,I reformatted 2001
Good-Times/Good Times Brett Jenkins 2W,32C,I- reformatted 2003
GoodNight Dallas Marie Sørensen 2W,32C,B+ submitted 2011
Goodnight Kiss
Jill Weiss
4W,32C,B submitted 2015
Gositas De AmorMarie Sørensen & Dwight Meessen4W,32C,I-submitted2012-11
Got Ticks Lynne Fanders 4W,16C,B+ submitted 2007
Grace and Favour Gaye Teather 4W,32C,I reformatted 2004
Grace Kelly  Linda & Mitchell Burgess 2W,32C,I- submitted 2007
Grace of God Tom Glover 2W,64C,I reformatted 2001
Grand TourMarie Sørensen & Jennifer Hobson4W,64C,I-submitted2013-07
Grandpa's Piano  Mark Simpkin & Robin Imms 4W,40C,I- reformatted 2000
Great Day In The MorningMarie Sørensen2W,32C,B+submitted2013-03
Great Unknown The Kids  4W,80C,I reformatted 2001
Green Door Patricia Stott  2W,86C,I- reformatted 2002
Green Door
Jaszmine Tan
4W,48C,I- submitted 2015-09
Groove With Me Simon Ward 2W,64C,I+ reformatted 2002
Guardian Angel Lyn Booth 4W,48C,I- reformatted 2005
Gude Directions Norm Gifford 4W,32C,B/I submitted 2007
Guilty Masters in Line 2W,48C,I reformatted 2003
Gulf Coast HighwayMarie Sørensen4W,32C,I-submitted2013-03
Gust of Wind
Bobbey Willson
4W,32C,I- submitted 2014-11
Guys Like Me Mark Simpkin 2W,64C,I reformatted 2004
Gypsy Mary Kelly 4W,48C,I reformatted 2006
Gypsy Lady Mark Simpkin 4W,32C,I- reformatted 2001
Gypsy RoseLorraine Kurtella 4W,64C,I-reformatted2012

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Had a Bad DayRachael McEnaney 2W,32C,I+reformatted2011-11
Martie Papendorf 4W,16C,B submitted 2014-08
HairspraySimon Ward & Rachael McEnaney 1W,phrased,Ireformatted2012
Half A Nip Of Baileys Jan Wyllie 2W,32C,B/I original sheet 2009
Half Past Nothin'Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris 4W,64C,I-reformatted2012-03
Halfway to Mexico Charlie Mifsud 4W,36C,I reformatted 2005
Hall of Fame Alan Haywood & Gaye Teather 4W,64C,I submitted 2009
Hallelujah Alison Johnstone 4W,48C,I- submitted 2010
Hallelujah Hoedown Linda Burgess 4W,64C,I- submitted 2010
Hallelujah in My HeartMarie Sørensen4W,32C,B+submitted2011
Halo Adrian Lefebour 4W,48C,I reformatted 2009
Hamster's Dance Jan Wyllie 4W,32C,B+ reformatted 2001
Hands All Over Michele Perron, Ruben Luna, Tajali Hall 4W,64C,I/A original sheet 2011
Hangin' Round the MistletoeMarie Sørensen4W,32C,B+submitted2012-10
Hanging Up My HeartMartie Papendorf4W,32C,B-submitted2013-02
Hangover TimeJannie Tofte Andersen4W,phrased,Areformatted2012
Happy BirthdayMarie Sørensen2W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-03
Happy HappyTan Candyphrased,Isubmitted2008
Happy Hour Gary & Cheryl Parker 4W,64C,I submitted 2006
Happy New Year
Marie Sørensen & Sally Hung
2W,32C,B submitted 2014-01
Hard for the Money Adrian Lefebour 4W,64C,I reformatted 2006
Hard Hats and Hammers Kathy Verkamp 4W,32C,B/I reformatted 2010
Hard Rock Bottom Of Your Heart
Marie Sørensen 4W,64C,I- submitted 2014-04
Hard to Find Terry Dunbar 4W,32C,I reformatted 2010
Hard Workin' Man Sobrielo Philip Gene 4W,64C,I original sheet 2007
Harden My Heart Norman Gifford
4W,64C,I submitted 2023-06
Harlem City Blues Martie Papendorf 4W,32C,I- submitted 2011
Harlequin Hustle
Martie Papendorf 2W,64C,I- submitted 2014-03
Harmless Heart Lu Olsen 2W,40C,I original sheet 2007
Hasta La Vista Senora
Ira Weisburd
4W,64C,I submitted 2015-05
Hasta Manana Charlotte Skeeter 2W,32C,B+ reformatted 1990s
Have I Told You Jodi Page 4W,56C,I reformatted 2001
Have I Told You Lately Barbara Hile 4W,32C,I- submitted 2004
Have You Ever Seen the RainDee Musk 4W,32C,I-original sheet2012-01
Haven't Met You Yet Linda Burgess 2W,64C,I original sheet 2009
Havin' A Ball The Mumz 2W,64C,A reformatted 2003
Having What You WantMarie Sørensen & Roz Chaplin4W,32C,I-submitted2011-11
Hazard! Chris Hodgson 4W,64C,I reformatted 2002
He Likes To Get Drunk
Marie Sørensen 4W,32C,B+ submitted 2015-01
He Rocks Tracie Lee 2W,48C,I reformatted 2001
He Thinks I Still Care Marie Sørensen 4W,32C,B submitted 2011
He's Gone By Four June Solah 4W,32C,B+ submitted 2006
He's Got You Tracie Lee & Mark Simpkin 2W,76C,I+ reformatted 2003
He's So FineAnnette Lapp & Marie Sørensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2013-09
Head Phones Maggie Gallagher 4W,64C,I original sheet 2008
Heard it in a Lovesong Carl Sullivan 2W,64C,I original sheet 2007
Heart Body & Soul
Yvonne Anderson, Ira Weisburd & Ruben Luna
4W,32C,B submitted 2019-10
Heart Half Empty Brett Jenkins 2W,44C,I submitted 2005
Heart Half Empty Brett Jenkins 2W,44C,I reformatted 2005
Heart Like a Wheel Max Perry 4W,40C,I- reformatted 1990s
Heart of An Angel William Brown 4W,48C,I- reformatted 2006
Heart of Gold Noel Bradey & Peter Fry 2W,64C,I+ reformatted 2001
Heart Of My HeartMarie Sørensen2W,32C,I-submitted2013-03
Heart's Desire Brett Jenkins 2W,48C,I submitted 2005
Heart's Desire Brett Jenkins 2W,48C,I reformatted 2005
Heartache Tango
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
4W,32C,B submitted 2018-02
Heartache Tonight Linda Burgess 2W,68C,I reformatted 2004
Heartaches & Honky Tonks Carl Sullivan 4W,32C,I reformatted 2000
Heartbreak Express Peter Metelnick 2W,80C,I reformatted 2000
Heartbreak Express Marie Sorensen 2W,32C,B submitted 2011
Heartbreaker Kate Sala 4W,64C,I reformatted 2006
Heat on the Street Maggie Gallagher 2W,64C,I reformatted 2005
Heave Away Gerard Murphy 4W,32C,I- reformatted 2000
Heave Away Pirates Margaret Thew 4W,32C,B reformatted 2003
Heaven KnowsMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,B-submitted2013-07
Heaven on Earth Travis Taylor 1W,72C,I/A submitted 2009
Heavenly Body Nadia Friel 2W,84C,I reformatted 2005
HeidiMarie Sørensen2W,64C,I-submitted2012-08
Hele On To Kauai
Irene Deng & Martie Papendorf
2W,64C,I- submitted 2016-06
Hell If I Jo & John Kinser, Mark Furnell 2W,64C,I/A original sheet 2008
Hell or High Water Yvonne Anderson 2W,48C,I reformatted 2005
Hell Or High Water Marie Sørensen 4W,32C,B submitted 2011
Hell Yeah Kevin & Maria Smith 4W,64C,I- reformatted 2004
Hellfire 24 Martie Papendorf 4W,24C,B submitted 2010
Hello Dolly Sandy Kerrigan 4W,32C,B submitted 2008
Hello Dolly Lorraine Kurtela 2W,32C,B/I reformatted 2011
Hello Dolly Medley Ira Weisburd
2W,32C,B submitted 2023-07
Hello LorettaMarie Sorensen2W,24C,Bsubmitted2012-04
Hello Mary Lou Marie Sorensen 4W,32C,B submitted 2011
Help Me Cheryl Salter 4W,64C,I submitted 2006
Help Me Make It Ira Weisburd 2W,32C,I- submitted 2011
Helplessly, Hopelessly, Recklessly Michael Vera-Lobos 2W,48C,I+,W reformatted 2001
Henpecked RedneckAdrian Helliker & Marie Sørensen4W,32C,B+submitted2012-10
Here I Am Robert Fletcher & Michelle Palmer 2W,64C,I- submitted 2006
Here I Am Robert Fletcher & Michelle Palmer 2W,64C,I- reformatted 2006
Here I Am AgainMarie Sørensen4W,32C,I-submitted2011
Here Comes That Song Again
Adrian Helliker & Marie Sørensen
2W,32C,I- submitted 2015-02
Here for the Party Iain & Lyn Booth 4W,48C,I reformatted 2006
Here She Come Marie Sørensen 4W,32C,B+ submitted 2011
Here We Go Cathryn Proudfoot & Brett Jenkins 2W,48C,I reformatted 2003
Here's Hoping Terry Hogan 2W,64C,A original sheet 2000
Here's to You
Martie Papendorf 4W,32C,I- submitted 2014-07
Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,IB submitted 2017-11
Hero Noel Bradey & Michael Vera-Lobos 2W,64C,I reformatted 2002
Hey Babe  Barbara Cremona & Jim Watt 4W,32C,B submitted 2007
Hey Baby Paula Bilby 4W,phrased,I- reformatted 2001
Hey Baby
Caroline Cooper & Marie Sørensen
4W,32C,B+ submitted 2016-03
Hey Bartender Dot Swain 4W,32C,I- reformatted 2003
Hey Boetie, Boetie Waltz
Martie Papendorf
2W,48C,I- submitted 2014-01
Hey Bruce Michael Barr 2W,48C,I+ reformatted 1990s
Hey Good Lookin' Carol McKee 2W,32C,B/I reformatted 2004
Hey Hey Happy Holliday
Marie Sørensen 2W,32C,I- submitted 2015-10
Hey Hoalina! Jan Wyllie 2W,48C,B original sheet 2009
Hickory Lake June Solah 1W,32C,B+ original sheet 2009
Hick Town Iain & Lyn Booth 2W,64C,I submitted 2005
Hidalgo Boogie
Ira Weisburd
4W,48C,B submitted 2015-05
Hideaway Cha Joanne Brady, Jamie Davis, Jo Thompson 4W,32C,I reformatted 2000
High and Dry Peter Fry 2W,56C,I reformatted 2009
High Demand  Amanda Moore & Linda Wolfe 2W,64C,I- submitted 2008
High Heel Illusion  Sandy Kerrigan 4W,48C,I submitted 2008
High on the Mountain Judith Campbell 4W,48C,I- reformatted 2004
High On The Mountain Of Love
Marie Sørensen & Sally Hung
4W,48C,I- submitted 2015-01
High Voltage Tim Gauci 4W,32C,B original sheet 2009
Highs & Lows Darren Mitchell 4W,32C,B/I reformatted 2008
Highway FifteenÖzgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet Takac4W,64C,I-submitted2013-04
Highway WaltzMarie Sørensen4W,24C,B-submitted2011-12
Hillbilly Dirty Pants
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
2W,48C,I- submitted 2016-07
Hillbilly Girl
Brigitte Masmeijer & John Warnars
2W,34C,B+ submitted 2015-01
Hillbilly HighwayMarie Sørensen4W,24C,B+submitted2013-02
Hillbilly Nation Kelvin Dale & Samantha Dixon 4W,64C,I reformatted 2006
Hillbilly Nation Kelvin Dale & Samantha Dixon 4W,64C,I submitted 2006
Hips Don't Lie Linda & Mitchell Burgess 4W,32C,I reformatted 2006
His Only NeedRia Vos 4W,32C,Ireformatted2012-08
Hoe Down Jessica Lamb & Adrian Lefebour 4W,64C,I reformatted 2006
Hold Me in Your Arms
Marie Sørensen 4W,64C,I submitted 2015-05
Hold On Lu Olsen & Marcia Langton 2W,32C,I reformatted 2010
Hold Onto Me Lu Olsen 2W,32C,I submitted 2010
Hold That ThoughtNigel Mooney & Gail Cook 2W,72C,I/A,wreformatted2012
Hold You Close
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç
4W,32C,B submitted 2016-03
Hold You Now Michael Vera-Lobos 2W,64C,I reformatted 2003
Hold Your Horses A.T. Kinson & Tom Mickers 4W,64C,I/A reformatted 2001
Holdin' You Vicki Sheil 1W,96C,I,W reformatted 2004
Holding On Peter Fry 4W,32C,I reformatted 2000
Holding On To Yesterday Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs 4W,32C,B/I original sheet 2009
Hole in the WorldMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2012-01
HollywoodMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2011
Holy Redemption
Özgür “Oscar” Takaç 2W,32C,I- submitted 2016-03
Holy Water Jill Boxtel 4W,64C,A submitted 2005
Home Chris Watson 4W,32C,I reformatted 2005
Home 2 Louisiana Tim Gauci 2W,64C,I- original sheet 2009
Home Sweet Home Justine Shuttleworth 2W,80C,I reformatted 2001
Homeward Bound Paul & Karla Dornstedt 4W,64C,B/I reformatted 2010
Honesty Dee Musk 4W,48C,I original sheet 2008
Honey Judith Campbell 4W,64C,B+ reformatted 2001
Honey BeeMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2012-12
Honey PieMaggie Gallagher 4W,32C,B+original sheet2012-11
Honey, I'm Good
Tyra Farris
4W,32C,I- submitted 2015-05
Honey, I'm Good
Jill Weiss
4W,32C,B+ submitted 2015
Honey, You're My Hero Linda Pink 2W,64C,B+ submitted 2005
Honk if You Honky Tonk June Hulcombe & Barbara Willshire 4W,32C,B/I reformatted 2010
Honk if You Honky Tonk Carl Sullivan 4W,32C,I- reformatted 2003
Honkytonk Anatomy Tim Gauci 4W,32C,B/I reformatted 2004
Honky Tonk BabyMarie Sørensen4W,40C,B+submitted2012-07
Honky Tonk Dancing MachineMarie Sørensen4W,64C,I-submitted2012-04
Honky Tonk HeartMarie Sørensen4W,32C,B-submitted2012-12
Honky Tonk Girl Rosalie Mackay 4W,64C,I reformatted 2005
Honky Tonk Lover Lyn Booth 2W,64C,I+ reformatted 2006
Honky Tonk Nights
Marie Sørensen 2W,32C,B submitted 2016-05
Honky Tonk SongMarie Sørensen4W,32C,Bsubmitted2013-06
Honky Tonk Stomp unknown 4W,32C,B reformatted -
Honky Tonk Twist Steve Smith 2W,64C,I reformatted 1990s
Honky Tonk Twist Max Perry 2W,64C,I reformatted -
Hoo Haa Hustle Joseph & Andrew Currie 4W,40C,I reformatted 1990s
Hooked Noel Bradey 4W,48C,I original sheet 2008
Hooked on Country Doug Miranda 4W,32C,B+ reformatted 1990s
Hope Gordon Elliott 4W,48C,I submitted 2006
Hope You Find What You're Looking ForMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,I-submitted2013-12
Hot Doggin' Carl Sullivan 4W,32C,I original sheet 2007
Hot Love Maggie Gallagher 4W,48C,I- reformatted 2000
Hot Stuff Noel Bradey & Michael Vera-Lobos 4W,48C,I original sheet 2008
Hot Summer Fun Chris Hodgson 4W,52C,I- reformatted 2001
Hot Tamales Neil Hale 2W,64C,I+ reformatted 1990s
Houston Cathryn Proudfoot & Warren Mitchell 4W,64C,I reformatted 2003
Houston Hustle unknown 4W,32C,B+ reformatted -
How Big Can You Get Jill Boxtel 4W,64C,I submitted 2010
How 'Bout You Linda Burgess 4W,64C,I+ reformatted 2006
How Come We Never Dance Ira Weisburd
4W,48C,B+ submitted 2020-07
How High Carol McKee 2W,48C,B/I,W reformatted 2003
How I Got to Memphis Ira Weisburd
4W,32C,B+ submitted 2022-07
How You Love MeMarie Sørensen 4W,32C,Bsubmitted2013-04
Human Dancer Alan Birchall 2W,64C,I original sheet 2009
Hurt Me CarefullyRia Vos 2W,48C,Ireformatted2013-01
Hurt's So bad Julie Dowse 2W,64C,I reformatted 2006
Hush Bill Larson 4W,32C,I- original sheet 2007
Hustle Bustle Betty Clark 4W,32C,I- reformatted -
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